A living choice for seniors in High River, Alberta

A living choice for seniors in High River, Alberta

Accommodation at Abbeyfield ~ High River

abbeyfield-house1The High River Abbeyfield House is located in a residential area and was specifically designed and built to accommodate the needs of seniors.

Abbeyfield House High River contains 10 bed-sitting suites on the main floor, storage areas and mechanical facilities in the basement, and the House Manager’s suite on the second floor.

The Resident’s accommodation consists of a 330-350 square foot bed-sitting area with a private, wheelchair accessible bathroom. Residents will be able to provide their own furnishings. Each room has its own telephone and television connections. Lunch and dinner meals are prepared for residents and food for breakfast and snacks is provided.


The rest of the house is a shared living area with dining and social rooms, kitchen and laundry, and library areas all on the main floor.

The live-in House Manager and Alternate Manager, who attend to the daily running of the House, do the shopping and prepare lunch and dinner, are provided with a separate suite. The House Manager is the key figure in the success of the Abbeyfield House by making it happy and homey. Volunteers of Abbeyfield Society of High River may help the Manager provide support to the Residents. The House Manager is simply there when needed – much like the head of the family.


Each Resident designates a primary community contact, called a Sponsor, who has a special bond with the Resident and is likely to be a relative, close friend or neighbour. This provides an effective link between the Resident and the larger community.

The House Manager is NOT a nurse. However, the Manager will provide support for any Resident who may become temporarily ill or disabled. The Manager will communicate with the Resident’s Sponsor so the Resident can be linked to appropriate support services when required.