Abbeyfield Board

Abbeyfield House Board of Directors

To contact any one of our Directors or for general inquiries, please: Email the Board at

Abbeyfield Board Members Information 2019-2020

President: Garry Steven Hoffart

Vice President: Patricia Evelyn Atkinson

Secretary Violet Smith

Treasurer: Glen L Springsteel

Resident Selection Chairperson: Brenda Carlson

Director: Hank Leeferink

Director: Pam Knight

Director: Zenie Hudson

Director: Gail Maitland

House Manager: Linda Fitzgerald

The Abbeyfield Board meets every month on the third Tuesday at Carlson’s on MacLeod at 6:30 PM  (129 – 3rd Ave SW, High River).

We always welcome newcomers to our meetings and also look forward to new Board members.  Please come and see what we are all about.