Apply for Accommodation

Apply for Accommodation

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Becoming an Abbeyfield Resident

Abbeyfield House in High River welcomes inquiries about becoming a resident. The first step is to complete our Resident Application Form which includes a Medical Questionnaire. CLICK HERE for a PDF download of our Application Form.

Once complete, return the Application Form and the Medical Questionnaire to:

The Abbeyfield Society of High River
Box 12
708 – 2nd Street SE
High River, Alberta.  T1V 0C6

If you wish to discuss your application with someone or gather more information, please CONTACT US by email or you may telephone Brenda Carlson at 403-601-4707

Once your forms have been received, your application will be reviewed by the Resident Intake Committee and you will be contacted for an interview.

Abbeyfield House provides a “home within a home” for the lonely or isolated elderly man or woman who, though relatively fit for his or her years, no longer wishes to live alone.

  • Applicants who are mentally alert, can manage daily living tasks and can function socially are suitable candidates for residency.
  • Prime considerations for residency are: the level of health, extent of loneliness, and the desire to live in a private, yet social, setting.
  • Abbeyfield House is NOT a health care facility.